Session 1: Welcome

For January 2017 we bring you:

Dear Provider Pool: This initial month will give us some time to become oriented to the website, the list serve and the forum. Later we will be accessing QStream and using it to reinforce concepts from the various trainings. I hope you find the first month’s information concerning “What are Eating Disorders” fascinating. This month we have a PSA to listen to, “The Nine Truths”.

The consensus document, Nine Truths About Eating Disorders, produced in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Bulik, PhD, FAED, who serves as distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders in the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Professor of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. “Nine Truths” is based on Dr. Bulik’s 2014 “9 Eating Disorders Myths Busted” talk at the National Institute of Mental Health Alliance for Research Progress meeting. Leading associations in the field of eating disorders also contributed their valuable input.

The video for the PSA belongs to World Eating Disorder Action Day.
We also have Dr. Laura Hill, from the Center for Balanced Living presenting some of the newer research based ideas on eating disorders. Then we have a short video from Tabitha Farrar describing the very important”Minnesota Starvation Study” which provides insight into the effects of restriction on behaviors.

The Welcome Podcast by Therese Waterhous

Podcast No.1 by Dr L. Hill – Neurobiology of eating

 The Nine Truths About Eating Disorders from the cast of “To the Bone”

Podcast No.1 by Dr L. Hill – Neurobiology of eating

Podcast No.2 by Dr L. Hill – Neurobiology of eating Want to listen later? Click Here

The Minn. Starvation Study by Tabitha Farrar